OrbitCam (Default Player Camera) Viewport Manipulation / Constraints


what I’m trying to achieve: be able to lock the camera orientation to be facing the player, as if the orbitcam toggle (default ‘k’ key) has been pressed.
I also don’t want the player to be able to change/toggle their view perspective back to normal behind-third/first person.

I’ve had a look at PlayerCameraBlueprint and there are parameters for manipulating the default FoV, the yaw / roll / pitch and other things but there doesn’t seem to be anything relating to the orbitcam.
I then tried to have a look at the node editor to try and implement some logic to constrain the camera or have the toggle = true as default, but the only objects that seemed to be there relating to the orbitcam were OrbitCam and OrbitCamToggle, both of which were triggers called AFTER orbitcam is activated, which is quite useless here.

I’m quite new to the Ark Dev Kit as well as Unreal Engine 4 in general, so only have quite a basic understanding of how the Blueprints work - it’s possible I’m not understanding some fundamental way of editing Blueprint information.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks :cool::confused::cool:

even if anyone has had experience using the camera in any way which isn’t conventional, that would be a huge help. Tips for accessing the camera parameters outside of what I’ve already mentioned with the PlayerCameraBlueprint or the two OrbitCam objects :slight_smile:

from what I can tell there isn’t any (obvious) way to do this. Perhaps the OrbitCam bool (assuming it’s as simple as that) is hidden in source not accessible via Blueprints.
To anyone reading this trying to solve a similar problem, perhaps don’t let this conclusion deter you from searching for an answer; there is probably a way around this that I can’t think of.