Orbital Product View Collision (UE4 Template)

I work as 3D Artist in a small Company and right now I´m the “interactive-guy”.
I´m pretty new to UE4 but I could achieve the goals we needed for our interactive Visualizations.
But right now I have to make a Product Viewer, so i chose the Template for Product Visualization, everything is working fine, but I´m not able to add a collision to my “camera” (or whatever is controlling the player´s view) so im orbiting and moving through all the Models in the Szene. I also tried a few other “orbital-cam-style” Cam´s.
I also have to say that I have no clue about c++ coding, blueprint editing is more or less the only thing i “can” do right now.
Hopefuly someone had the same issue or has seen this before and could help me or maybe link me a solution from someone else.

Sorrry for my bad english.

Happy Chrismas!



Hello. The same problem. Did you find out how to manage collisions in orbital mode? I see that so much time passed, but anyway better to ask. I tried to add collision box, etc, but pawn is not default pawn, so i wan unable to get it work