🛰️ Orbital Market - Search engine for the UE marketplace

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a hard time searching content in the marketplace, and as usual, when I think something could be a bit better, I just build it.

So I made a search engine with a bunch of features like sorting by popularity, displaying last update date, or infinite scrolling (no more pages!).


I see it as a win for everybody:

  • The buyers can find things easier
  • The seller can sell more and get some stats on their product visibility (stats are not implemented yet)
  • The UE marketplace get more sales

It’s still in a very early stage, but since some features already work well, I thought it could be useful for some of you (and I can get some feedbacks/suggestion to improve it).

If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to drop a suggestion here or on the GitHub discussion forum :wink:

Also, for it to have a bit of visibility, I added a feature to improve visibility of the products and to increase the score by 10%:
If you’re a seller, you just have to put a link of Orbital Market in the description of your product. More visibility of Orbital Market = more visibility of your product!


Ahah, actually, I’m having fun building this :D!

Also, what are the differences between owned and purchased? I’m not sure if I can retrieve those… (but I could make accounts and people will have to manually add the product they owned)

@UnrealEnterprise Well, lists are on my todo list, so you’ll be able to create a list with you owned assets and a list with your purchased assets

Just wanted to say that I just added a feature to display discount and filter discounted assets (so that you can find cool discounted products for the February sale :slight_smile: !)

This is pretty neat and quite useful, however, when sorting by release date, the newest item is from four days ago, not sure when your service updates.
also for some reason the last update field seems to be a date that is before the release date field in most cases.

a suggestion would be to add content category filters, one of the most annoying thing I run into on the marketplace is when say I am looking for modern weapons for example there are just tons of sound effects, Id like to tell the search filter to NOT show anything from that (or maybe multiple) category(s)

Anyway, neat site, if the new content from the market gets updated onto Orbital quickly, I will definitely start using it instead.

@LumberingTroll Well, I updated it manually because I never took the time to automatize it (and this week, I wasn’t very available). But, let’s be real, it’ll take 15min to make it… I’ll do it today!

The last update field is quite wrong… it’s based on the unreal API, but it’s the time when the first version of a file for a specific version of the engine is upload. I’ll just deleted it as it’s quite confusing…

I’m noting the category filter suggestion, I’ll try to add it! Note that you can search for “modern weapons -sound” :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your feedback!

@Herobrine20XX Thank you very much for your efforts, the site is quite useful!

Since there’s a big sale going on, I thought I might up this topic :innocent: !
Here you can find the most popular assets: Orbital Market

Wow thats amazing! What power users of your Marketplace could really use, is a filter per Time. Like show me the most popular items last 3 month, last 12 month. Its super hard to identify new good things in the marketplace right now.

There have been a lot of new features since last time :smile: :

  • Display YouTube videos and SketchFab preview natively
  • Screens scroller below the preview
  • Category filtering
  • Release time filtering (so that you can find the most popular assets of last month, for example)
  • Author display and filtering
  • Unlimited wishlist
  • Price history
  • Direct link to reviews and questions

And a lot more is to come!


This is a very beautiful design. It is very easy to find old but quality products. I hope it reaches more people.

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This a wonderful design. Thank you for restoring reviews and questions, I just added a link to your store version in my marketplace products to ensure that buyers can notice previous reviews, that should hopefully help everyone navigate these difficult review-less times :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot :smile: ! Btw, adding a link to Orbital Market in your product description will boost its popularity on the search engine :slightly_smiling_face:

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