🛰️ Orbital Market now hosts old reviews and questions

Hey everyone, I’m the creator of Orbital Market, a search engine for the Unreal Marketplace.

Keep in mind that this is only a proxy for the official Unreal Marketplace, people can search items using the powerful search, but then have to buy it on the Unreal Marketplace. OM update all the UM products once a day.

I just backed up every reviews and responses for people to find it, but here’s a full list of features for those that don’t know it yet.

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For users

Here are a list of features to ease your search:

  • Smart search
    • Fuzzy search (zombi, zombie, zombies all return the same result)
    • Word negation (-stylized will filter out stylized assets)
    • Smart sorting (takes into account the search score and the popularity of the asset)
  • Fast search
    • Results are almost instant
    • Infinite scrolling to see a lot of products quickly
    • Same-page product preview
  • Sorting
    • By popularity (popularity computed with number of reviews, mean rating and release date)
    • By release date
    • By number of reviews
  • Filters
    • Display only discounted products
    • Filter in/out categories (Materials, environment, sounds…)
    • Price range (free to $20…)
    • Engine version (support 5.0+ …)
    • Release date (last 3 months…)
  • Description previews
    • Integrated linked youtube videos/playlists
    • Integrated sketchfab 3d previews
  • History
    • Old questions
    • Old reviews
    • Price history (sales not taken into account)
  • Misc
    • Infinite fav list
    • Display products in box/square/list
    • Dark/light mode

For sellers

Orbital market is made to ease people search, so it should improve your sales.

You can link your Orbital Market page in your descriptions:

  • To display your resources (youtube/sketchfab) more conveniently
  • To show your reviews/questions to potential buyers
  • To boost your popularity score on Orbital Market


First, I’d like to say that you guys owe me nothing. I love to ease people’s life, and to me, Orbital Market is a:

  • Win for buyers: it’s easier to find product
  • Win for sellers: it should drive more sales
  • Win for the marketplace: they get more money from their cut

Still, it requires a bit of work/maintenance and a server. So if you want to help me out:

Feel free to suggest new ideas, you can create issues on the GitHub repo.

Hope it’ll help :heart:


Again, thank you :slight_smile:

One suggestion would be for the search results and seller pages to not show products set by their author as “hidden”. As a matter of fact this is especially important since as of now, the Marketplace doesn’t seem to allow for the manual deletion of hidden products.

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Noted, I’ll add this in a futur update!

Thank you for your excellent work! It’s a relief that past questions/reviews were salvageable for use on Orbital at least.

Here’s hoping that these “Major improvements to the marketplace in 2023” can bring the official marketplace interface up to your standard. It’s in serious need of a revamp.

Thank you! It’s very useful!

Do you maybe plan to add your own review system? I think it would be quite a burden from content moderation site, but maybe you could approach it up/down voting reddit style…
Orbital Market has been way more useful than UE marketplace for quite some time now already… thank you for the awesome job!