Orbit Whilst Maintaining Z Offset

Hi, I’ve made a bit more progress with the whole asteroid belt thing but I’ve hit another snag.
I’m not too sure how to maintain the Z offset that is set when generating the initial positions and rotations without ruining the orbit.

Here’s the orbit BP:

If you detach the Z component in the make vector it works fine, otherwise it doesn’t.

Here’s a beautifully :stuck_out_tongue: drawn diagram demonstrating roughly what happens.
Note horizontal and vertical represent X and Y axis.

Here’s how the initial positions are generated if it matters, which is a slight variation of what another kind user gave:

Things get weirder if orbit rot contains a single non zero value with the Z component mentioned earlier connected.

Off topic, does anyone know of any good books that teach useful maths for game development? Like some physics, vertex operations (how it works), matrix stuff.

Anyone know of a better way to achieve the orbit and maintain the Z offset?