Orbit BP? (not planets)

Like a lot of people here i’m still a beginner, so try to be delicate in your explanations. Example BP’s are a huge plus. =)

I’m looking for a way to have an “enemy” orbit the player. All of the web results show planets, but that’s not really what i’m after. I will be specific in the bullets below.

-I’m intending for this to be a 3d space game so, player will be pawn (ship)

-Object/ai should be able to orbit a moving ship (player)

-Ultimately, both player and “enemy” will be orbiting each other in a circular pattern as they “fight”. They don’t need to face each other. I will use turrets for this. I DON’T want a dogfighting style. They should be flying in a circular/parallel type fashion.

I know the basics of the engine, but please be descriptive. Thanks guys!