Orbit a camera around an object to use in matinee.

Hi everyone,

I am new to UE4. I have designed a level and I would like to showcase it using a cinematic. I was told that I could make a cinematic using either a level sequencer or matinee. The tutorial I was following used matinee so I set up cameras using the matinee. But I am stuck trying to set up one camera that can revolve around an object and I have no idea how this can be done. It would be nice if any of you could direct me to a tutorial that would help me set this up. I know that there is a camera rail function in the level sequencer but I am using matinee at this moment and I want to finish the cinematic using matinee. I would also want a perfect circle and this was quite difficult using the camera rail function in the level sequencer. Here is a video that best describes what I want to do.

Thanks in advance.

If you use a Cinematic Camera (you may have to search for it in the modes menu on the left) you can make it focus on another object in the level within it’s details panel.
The focus will be on the pivot point of the object so I find it useful to add a Target Point (also from the modes menu) in the position where I want the camera to aim and then make it focus on that.
Hope that helps a bit.

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