Orbit 3rd Person character around camera - how?

Hello all,

I’ve done a bit of digging around but am not having much luck. As a test, I’d like to be able to move the 3rd person character from the 3rd-person template around a pivot point, say a stationary camera that is always rotated to follow the character. The character would essentially walk or run in a circle around the camera and its orientation would be updated, with its right or left shoulder facing the camera depending on which way it’s heading. The final result we’re going for is a bit like a side scroller that essentially wraps around a cylindrical space.

If possible we’d like to avoid using a spline as the character should be able to jump from one object to another.

Any suggestions, BPs or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

You can use Find Look at Rotation to find the rotation the camera needs to face the player. Then simply lerp from your current rotation to the target rotation FindLookAtRotation spits out. This way the camera will always rotate towards the player.