or [Paid] Adviser/Tutor/Teacher

Hi , im looking for a person with knoledges of blueprint ,UE4 and Procedural generation with premade roms.

The job consist to explain me the strategic , development and some tips for be able to do With premade rooms that artist do(Door , walls , characters-ai , light ,custom blueprint inside the room), A procedural system to isntance this different premade rooms.

So, the job consist to be my Teacher/Adviser for this specific content.

You can choose royalti % of proyect or join the team ,or get paid for the lessons.

Sorry for my english ,i understand better than i write =)

Languajes :English ,spanish.
Duration: I dont know…

You got Skype?
Contact me: hawkx4

Sort of an interesting way to request tutoring to learn how to script with Blueprints. I would recommend self-starting with the Free Epic Blueprints Tutorials here. After you complete a few Tutorials there, you would be ready to dig into the Procedural Room Generation Blueprints below. It uses Binary Space Partitioning Algorithm found here. There are several other algorithms that could be used depending on your needs. Theres a great discussion over here.
**BSP Room Generator [SIZE=1](2D,Exploded,Multi Color View Modes)
**[SIZE=2]Just Add the BSPGenerator Actor to the Level and presto![/SIZE]]([/SIZE]
Blueprints DOWNLOAD (181k)