Optitrack and Livelink

Hello Hivemind!

I am working on a Virtual Production ndisplay setup using Optitrack as the camera tracking system. Its working great with VRPN streaming but I’m wondering if anyone here has been able to setup Optitrack with UE4 Livelink. Have been unsuccessful in finding any information about it anywhere.


Hi, Suggest you talk to optitrack customer about wanting LiveLink. I was talking to them just before COVID hit and it sounded like they were considering adding LiveLink to their software. If they get requests from multiple customers it will probably help push them towards LiveLink support for Unreal.

Right now my office is closed and my optitrack setup is the one thing I wasn’t able to bring home with me, so I’ve not had a chance to work with it for months.

Wondering if you guys are using Optitrack Live Link with nDisplay for Virtual production. Or perhaps you know how to connect the tracking data via the Config file? Thx