Options to extend SSR radius/border

Although SSR only uses data that is currently being drawn on screen, it gives a very noticeable border on certain scenes with wide flooring or at certain angles. Is it possible to perhaps draw the reflections from a secondary source that is behind the main player camera, or at a different FOV from the main camera, or would this cause the reflections to be warped and misplaced?

If it is possible- it most definitely wouldn’t be as optimal as the current implementation, but for Archviz and other high end visuals that need max quality without as much consideration for performance, I think the benefit of being able to extend the radius would be very useful. The one problem of the stunning Paris Apartment scene was that the shiny kitchen dresser and the mirrors in the bathroom were the only objects in the entire scene that gave away the realism- the jarring change between perfect reflections and no realtime reflections can definitely break the immersion (of course I’m just being picky- the engine is absolutely phenomenal, and I have boundless respect for everyone working on it- this is just a friendly suggestion, as I honestly can’t think of much else that I’d like to see added/changed with the engine)

If you look at the post process volume for the controls for the SSR, there’s a mask that it uses on SSR to fade to the edges of the screen, so that it blends the SSR to the scene, otherwise you get some weird stuff around the edges.

A way to specify a mask or am I missing something?