Options on Open Level

Can someone tell me in noob terms how do you use the options string on the open level node it seems like something I could use but I have no idea how to use it does someone have a demonstration on how to use it ?


It’s a customizable string that can be used across your Server (GameMode).
It works similar to PHP/HTML Parameters for an URL.
The format is as follows


you separate Parameters by ? and you can assign values to them. Use the “Parse Option” function in the GameMode to get a ParameterValue (plug a Parametername without ? into it).
The GameMode saves the Options in a separate Variable “Options” you can parse them from there.

It is very useful if you want to have a single map with different outcomes (difficulty for example) depending on these options

Ok so if i have a map that has 4 modes on it and using my widget blueprint with the buttons for each mode how would i pass the string value from there too my level info ?. I am doing this mostly to save space one of my Levels is 650Mb and for a phone i do not wont to duplicate that 4 times. I have it set up currently at the moment depending on the players level will spawn different enemies but i would like the option to select easy medium hard ect and this seems like the way to go cheers

u could use string in ways of storing and finding some name or with a bool to compare something within the string.