Options Menu: Customize Controls

Does anyone know where I can find documentation or tutorials regarding giving players the ability to customize their controls in the options menu? Using UMG and Blueprints.


I’d like to know too…

I´d also like to know. Anyone have an idea?

Apparently Ramas plugin is the only way so far… but its got issues getting it compiled on latest versions. Theres some way to get it to work eventually, but it looks like a hassle and this seems kind of nuts that such a standard feature in every game isn’t easily available to implement in UE4. Everyone needs to customize their controls these days. Not every game is super columns with universal controls


While I understand what you’re trying to get at, I think you’re wrong. I think blueprints are meant to be and can be used for full games. Def not full on MMO’s or something, but even those aren’t done in entirely C# or C++. Most are combination of an engine core and javascript webservices etc. Maybe the initial intent wasn’t for full games, but really then it shouldnt have been designed at all. Regardless with the pace people are picking them up and using them it’s definitely going to and has been going the route of being more accessible.

I learned to code in php and some javascript and I hated it with a passion. I’m very good with logical equations and project planning but can’t code for more than 30 mins before losing focus. I’m an extremely visual person, both in memory and learning and i can progress very quickly and without distraction in blueprints(or any visual tool) for hours on end. While it’s not something that you can just pick up and use since there’s a significant amount of programming arch understanding needed, it’s not necessary to have to know proper C++ or C# syntax. Just because one doesn’t know the syntax needed to write proper functions in c++ or any line based coding language/tool, doesn’t mean they can’t be a great programmer.

It’s not just useful at a polished level it is at earlier levels as well. I’ve spent a few short months learning the interface and architecture and have been able to create a pretty nice and MP game. Friends and I test it for functionality and bugs via WAN together run into issues where no one is happy with the controls. Every long term gamer knows they aren’t fully at home without their controls. And makes you unsure if theres bugs or if the player just isn’t use to the controls. Esp for things like blocking, counter attacking etc… that are strictly time based functions.

I’m surprised this wasn’t exposed at the start as part of the software. I’m sure it will come in time. Would be nice if it was sooner than later

While I do understand as well that it’s not for everyone please do understand that it’s impossible to do full complex games with blueprint. The performance is around 10 times slower than C++ which is for pretty much everything not acceptable. You are knowingly willingly sacrificing huge amounts of performance if you do that which is not acceptable for a real product.

Just look at the documentation page for blueprints which already begins with the name: “Blueprints Visual Scripting”.

…(BP) is a complete gameplay scripting system

This system is extremely flexible and powerful as it provides the ability for designers to use virtually the full range of concepts and tools generally only available to programmers.
Through the use of Blueprints, designers can prototype, implement, or modify virtually any gameplay element, such as:

Here is a good explenation of why scripting is necessary in game development

My intention was to help. Provide some context and the answer to this question.

While I understand you’re trying to help, telling people what’s not possible and insinuating that they’re stupid for even trying isn’t what i’d call helpful.

I wouldn’t call a statement that I suspect a lack of knowledge in an area the same as saying someone is stupid. Personally I’m inexperienced in a lot of fields regarding game development and a whole lot of other fields. If I’d say something about materials which doesn’t appear to be correct someone may very well say I lack knowledge in that area because that is indeed a fact.

And saying that scripting isn’t needed unless it’s possible to create a full game only with it does fall for me in that category.

However I do agree that it was worded partially quite a bit… let’s phrase it nicely and say passive aggressive. Had a not too great day and well… being downvoted for a correct answer and a statement like this were a bit too much after all.

I’ve edited it to reflect the true point better and not include that kind of passive aggressive tone. In the first bit the “not acceptable for a real product” might still be viewed as such but it is a true point.

Thank you.

I wish I could “Erasio” your answer instead. :slight_smile: