Options for destructable mesh?

I tried using the Apex Destruction plugin but can’t find “create destructible mesh” button. What I’ve seen of Chaos so far only involves the editor viewport.

What I want to do is have 2 versions of a mesh inside an Actor, the non-destructable and then within the blueprint swap it for the destructible one. Can I do this?

You can have both, but you can achieve the same result by using only the destructible mesh (and enabling or disabling the possibility to destroy it).

Keep on mind that Chaos only works with static meshes (if you are using skeletal meshes the option shouldn’t pop up)

The Actor is instanced many times within a Level so I figured it should only have more geometry when needed.

Not using Skeletal just static.

How do I use it in a Blueprint?

Hello, you can add both static and destuctable mesh to the BP and make Destructable invisible. Then when you need to switch to destructable just destroy static mesh and make Destructable visible again. That is how I used it in my game. Hope it helps

Think I found it thanks.

You just have to drag an object fractured with chaos inside an actor blueprint, the approach suggested by @DarkRaven9512 is correct

Create a public bool variable and create a simple function in the constructor (so you can toggle it from the world for each actor)

Instead of having them both there add and remove components as and when? I’ve used “Add Geometry Collection Component” but can’t find how to actually set the (I assume) Rest Collection.

… (edit) I’ve been stupid and ignored the Details tab for the node!
Thanks for all the help.