Optionally consuming input events

I have a BP that I want to handle a mouse event, but that mouse event is context sensitive. Other BPs would handle the event down the priority list if it hasn’t been handled yet.

Is there a way to only consume an input event when the criteria are met?

The simplest way would be to put a Branch in front of the execution you want to limit. If the boolean is true, then you execute the event, otherwise you can route false into a different event, a different branch, or just have it do nothing at all.

Or, are you talking about actually limiting “On Right Mouse Down” to only even register a mouse click if the conditions are met?

What I am hoping to achieve is to capture the event in the player controller, but then only consume it if a condition was met, so that it doesn’t reach the character bp.

Essentially, I’m looking for context sensitivity without each blueprint having to check a slew of repeated conditions.

If you select the Left Mouse Button node for instance, there is a checkbox in it’s details panel called Consume Input whose tooltip references actor priorities.

I am not sure how you set those priorities, but that might be the area to look.