Optional walls?

Hi everybody,
I’m working on an apartment which has a wall that I have to show in a version of the apartment, and hide/delete in a second version of the same apartment: I’m doing a double of everything (walls, furnitures, blueprints for interactive stuffs) in the house and switching between two levels, but I was wondering if there’s a solution “more comfortable”, since now I’d have to build twice the light (one for every level), and making a duplicate of menus and other blueprints I have to reconnect them to the correct level; even because (I hope it will never happen) I’m thinking what would happen if a client ask me more than one wall changeble: with two walls I’d have 4 apartment to build (calling the two possibilities for every wall A and B, I’d have AA - BB - AB - BA) and with even more walls it would become exponentially more difficult!

Any ideas?

No. With static lights and lightmaps no soulution.

I haven’t tried but one thing you can try is to make that particular wall as movable and hide/delete when not required. One caveat is with respect to shadows. Since, your lighting is static, when you build lighting, Unreal will ignore this wall. Probably you can also try to fake the shadows in the material itself.

I thought to this eventuality, but having a/the walls dynamical and not static is on quality level way too lower (in my opinion) than static walls, and working on visibility would not even permit me to work with “light as if static” option turned on; however the bigger problem would be faking the shadows: let imagine I have a lamp near the wall, I’d have to draw a silhouette of it on the wall in a correct way/position/blur/ecc, but at the first time a client ask a change on forniture type/position I’d have to redraw the silhouette, and knowing how many changes my clients ask at every project I’ll soon become an host for a psychiatric hospital! :smiley:

I feared so! ^^’

Check this post… might come in handy in case you want to use some hack