Option to set editor default's camera speed.

Hello. Default camera speed in editor is 4. It is good to navigate maps.

But for my work, I am constantly importing characters inside the engine. Also importing and working with several animations per character.
After importing them, I have to check them. Therefore I go and open the mesh and animation editors.

There is no matter if I change the speed to 2, or 1, which are good to approach to characters. Whenever I close those editors and open them again, the speed is always back to 4, so I lose a lof of time changing that number back to 2 on every animation/character I have to examine.

You could have an option in editor preferences to set it, or it could be global. I mean, if you leave it in 2, that speed would be default for next times you open the editor. So you only have to change it once. Thank you.