Option to prevent Unreal Editor from stealing focus on launch

Perhaps there is a way to disable this behavior that I’m unaware of, but if not please consider the following.

It’s quite frustrating when Unreal Editor steals focus (in Windows OS) after launching. I rather frequently need to quit Unreal Editor and compile my game in Visual Studio, and then relaunch Unreal Editor. While it’s launching, I usually continue writing code so I am still getting work done while I wait for the Editor to start up again, and once the Editor finishes loading it always steals focus and abruptly interrupts my typing input into my text editor.

This is very frustrating. An option in the editor to prevent it from stealing focus in Windows OS on launch would be highly appreciated. I realize there is probably a way to add this functionality by editing the source, but I prefer not to have to compile UE from source if at all possible.

Worst of all, it sometimes steals focus more than once: It steals focus the first time, I alt-tab back to my text editor and resume typing, and then it steals focus again once it finishes some kind of initialization after launch.

[As an aside and on a similar note, it would be nice if Unreal Editor did not revert your focus while editing blueprints and an auto-save executes.]


In my experience, Unreal steals focus ALL THE TIME… after a few iterations of interacting with dialogs and stuff, it just… does. A reboot fixes it for a while.

UE 5 EA on OS X it is nearly impossible to use any other app. Trying to write this comment while working on UE project was some keyboard trickery because clicking on Chrome with the mouse and the focus is stolen back to UE Editor.