Option to not Update!

Okay so I have been working with 4.7.3 lately and its all been relatively smooth sailing, until the hotfix, now I had no idea how large it would be (I have limited internet) until I initiated the installer and saw it was close to 2GB (for a Hotfix). I decided against the upgrade and told the installer to stop installing it by pressing the X button on that engine version, I went on my merry way and kept working on my project but today (after a reboot of both launcher and PC) I cant seem to access UE 4.7 at all with the highest available option being 4.6.1 even though the files for 4.7.3 are on my HDD. Im hoping we can get some functionality added to the launcher so we can continue using any version of UE we would prefer and not just the highest available, clicking on 4.7.4 and choosing the uninstall (not resume) then removed all 4.7.3 from my system.

Thanks! I guess I’ll be using 4.6.1 alittle longer since 4.7.3 already used almost 5GB of my quota.

That shouldn’t be the case. As far as I’m aware you can use whichever engine version you please, even when downloading a new version.

Yes version but not the fix version, if you use 4.6 for instance it’ll always use 4.6.1 and if you havent updated 4.7.3 to 4.7.4 it says update in the launcher not launch, if you download it, it says resume. For some reason mine was saying resume even though Id cancelled the install.

Afaik it has 3 stages:

  1. Download
  2. Verify
  3. Install

So you should be able to open your .uproject file with 4.7.3 version. Just open your ProjectName.uproject in MyDocuments

As I said in my initial post, it was working fine until I loaded things today and I tried to open the project it came up with the engine selector box and 4.7.3 was no where to be found, only 4.6.

I wish we had the option not to update as well, didn’t it used to be like that, what happens if you try to launch your project from the library?

Hi everyone,

The Launch button on the launcher is supposed to allow you to continue using the version you are using without updating. This is a known issue under bug report OPP-3117.

Thanks Adam, maybe the download sizes can be shown on the launcher, I know the UE ones are shown in the downloads tab but that functionality seems broke for the UT section. Typically I find the need to know the size before the download is going and more the time till the download is completed when its actually running :cool:

Ok cool, it happened to be today as well just to confirm.