Option to not automatically collapse sidebar tabs

The new sidebars are really cool!
But currently all open sidebar tabs automatically collapse when clicking back in the viewport.
It would be great to have an option somewhere if tabs on the sidebar should be automatically closed or not when focusing other windows. For example I am working in the scene view and want to have the hierarchy open to the right.
Currently I either have to “restore” the window from the sidebar, which is a two click operation and then does not allow me to hide the restored tab without rightclicking it again and selecting “move to sidebar”, which is another two clicks.

Having this feature would allow me to have all tabs I want in sidebars and simply click on them once to show/hide them and then keep them open if I choose to. Ideally this setting could be set for each tab separately.

I just learned that F10 = show/hide sidebars.
Is that what you are looking for?

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No thats not what I mean. What I want is an option to “pin” tabs to the sidebar, which prevents them from closing automatically when focusing another window.
I just don’t get why they add sidebars but then have them behave in a frustrating way.
Right now when I have the world outline open in the sidebar it automatically closes once I click into the viewport to navigate the scene. I want it to stay open until I leftclick the “World Outline” tab on the sidebar.

Look at other tools for example. In my IDE (Jetbrains Rider) there is also a sidebar with the project files open. It does not close once I click into the code viewport because thats not how a sidebar should behave. In Rider I can have a window tabbed to the sidebar AND it stays open no matter what until I click on the tab in the sidebar then it toggles its states and hides, until I click on the tab again and then it opens and stays till I click again and thats exactly what I want.

Click “restore tab”.

That is a two click operation (rightclick + leftclick) and then another two clicks (rightclick + leftclick) if i want to move it to the sidebar again. This just sucks from a UX perspective.
I just want it to be a single click. This is such a fundamental thing. Over the lifetime of a project this adds up to an insane amount of useless clicking.