Option to download engine debug symbols ("Debug" configuration) in launcher

At the moment, if you compile a ‘standalone’ build (i.e. DebugGame or Development), you can’t step into or otherwise debug any Engine code, even with debug symbols option ticked when downloading the engine from the launcher.

I realize the “Debug” configuration debug symbols would add some size to the download, but can it be made an option for those of us who want them? In the past, it seems the justification was the size of the default installation, but now that we’re choosing whether to have debug symbols at all downloaded, it makes sense to me to take it one step further.

This would be awesome - being able to seamlessly step into engine code in a standalone build without having to go to the trouble of having a source-compiled engine would be very, very helpful.


TL;DR - The current option to download symbols alongside engine download via launcher does not include “Debug” configuration symbols for engine. Can we include these as an option?

I’ve had huge issues with building projects using the 4.11 source-built engine, and the disk space requirements for having both launcher and source engines and switching projects between them are rather ridiculous. I’d really rather avoid maintaining a source-built engine except when absolutely necessary.

Related request: would it be possible to include debug symbols for the various C# programs, such as UBT and AutomationTool, with the launcher? I realize most people will never need them, but once in a while I really need to step through the code to see what’s happening during the build/package process.

+1 again. Downloading and building from source is too time consuming for things like this.

Let me add a +1, too. :wink:


also agree with kamrann’s points avoiding the need for a source build unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Any more thoughts on this? I was hoping against hope that it was something that could be done with 4.12, but didn’t realize how close the full release was at the time. I still got excited when I saw all of the new options in the installation/download options, though!

+1 to this as well, I’ve been getting strange errors originating from the 4.14 source code and I can’t figure out what is happening. I’ve been forced to build the engine as well and couldn’t agree more to everything that has already been posted above.

I’ve downloaded 4.15 with source and symbols from the launcher and there are no problems setting breakpoints in engine code and debugging it. Am I missing something?

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The launcher now provides option for debug symbols to be downloaded since quite a while already…

As far as I see, this is still an issue. It works fine when running out of editor, but with a development (non-editor) build I can’t set engine breakpoints nor step into engine source. I am opted into “Editor symbols for debug”, and see no option for “Engine symbols for debug” or anything else. Am I missing something?

Regardless of if I do DebugGame or Development build configurations, I see symbols for engine in the callstack but when I try to go into one of them I am met with a page indicating: ‘Source information is missing from the debug information for this module’.

Does this wiki article help you? A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Unfortunately not. I have that checkbox checked and although I can debug the cooked game with respect to our project’s source code and I can see engine functions in the callstack, I still can’t step into engine source nor put breakpoints within engine functions.

It seems that maybe the issue is not in missing symbols entirely but just that in that the way the build tool assembles the non-editor exe it skips adding or can’t add links to the original engine symbols / source.