Option to disable the Content Draw bar at the bottom of the screen


Just a suggestion it would be nice to be able to completely disable the Content Draw bar at the bottom of the screen, thats if there isnt one already but I couldn’t seam to find it.

Thanks and nice work!


Agreed. When clicking Dock in Layout, the Content Drawer button isn’t needed, so could disappear and the Console Command controls could slide to the left to fill the space.

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In fact, I think there should be an option in Editor Preferences to allow you to also hide the footer bar entirely.

If I have the Content Browser docked, then I don’t need the drawer. If I’m using it as a Drawer instead, I don’t need the Content Drawer tab showing at the bottom of the screen. I’m happy to hit the space bar and have the drawer slide up from offscreen.

In addition, I don’t need the Console Command to be showing all the time and am happy to bring that up with the tilde key when needed.

Finally, I don’t need the Source Control showing all the time in the bottom right corner. Most projects aren’t even connected to source control. But for those that are, there appears to be a lot of empty space in the tool bar at the top, for example between Play/Platforms and Settings, where the Source Control button could go next to Settings.

This would then allow the entire footer to be removed/hidden, which buys back about half an inch of screen space for the viewport and the outliner/details panels, which I think are far more important.


Go to SLevelEditor.cpp an comment out these lines