Option Menu Kit - Easily Integrate Options!


Hey guys !

I’m here to introduce my first plugin now published on the Unreal Marketplace !

Do not forget to download the example project when you buy the asset !

Marketplace link : Option Menu Kit in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Price : $24.99

So what’s the plugin ?

The Options Menu Kit is working with a created plugin which expose needed c++ function for the input system, sound system and config files. You can use this nodes for every purposes on your project. This kit include a main Blueprint Widget where all the settings are displayed.

What’re the main features ?

Scalability :

-Set classic scalability settings such as Resolution, Post Process, Anti Aliasing, Bloom, Motion Blur, Lens Flare, ect…
-Save each settings in config ini files and apply it on start of the game
-Quality benchmark, if no settings has been set, is launched which will set Scalability settings based upon your system configuration.

Rebinding system :

-Display and modify every input which are set in the project settings

  • Handle input conflict, remove the old existing key such CS:GO rebinding system
  • Filter inputs you don’t want to be reachable and modifiable.
  • Option to integrate a gamepad dynamically with no coding required.


  • Modify sound class volumes through sliders or mute them.
  • Save it in config file to be applied on start.

Can i see what it does in a video ?

Of course ! Here it is :

[video]- YouTube

Maybe some screenshots ?






Need of a documentation ?

Here’s the documentation : MEGA

And finally there is the Marketplace Link ! :


I hope you guys will find this asset interesting and useful ! Don’t hesitate to message me for any information and to comment/review it !
Thanks you for your time !