Optimizing sound wave assets for mobile

Thank in advance for any help. I am re-creating/migrating a language phonics application from adobe actionscript to UE4 for mobile and pc target. The language I am working with requires over 400 short duration sound files.

In the “flash” version that uses mp3 - plus other internal compression… the audio files compressed well and the final apk size and audio quality was fine for google-play considerations. Did not have to consider streaming from external servers or other.

I have been searching the web and unreal doc for quite a while trying to determine the ideal work-flow for formating audio in UE4 especially for mobile projects.

  1. “compression Quality” asset setting for (Sound Wave) files seems to be a mystery
  2. I enabled streaming for all - that did not work out too well and then all of the file properties referenced in content browser report 0 duration and 0 samplerate (does not seem to be a problem though)

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated, I made my wav source sample rates 41000 hoping the engine compression would allow mods for compression on build to a variety of platforms/devices.