Optimizing Scene

Hey All,

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been busy with the virtualisation of a Revit building.
Today I think I made a breaktrough.

166 meshes, 166 materials, 13Floor building.

The goal of the scene is not to make it as sexy as possible, but useable with the oculus ( it will be used for prototyping. )

My current problem is the following. At first I wanted to build the lightening but it is way to huge for the lightmass to build and I run out of memory
So question 1: Can I build the lightning in small steps?

The current FPS of the scene is around 40, and I need at least 60. Currently my lightening is set to moveable, and not baked so I think that if I have a solution to question 1, I can get higher FPS.

Nevertheless, I am new to Unreal. So are there any other tips and tricks to bump up that FPS?

I hope somebody is willing to help,



probably you know it, Simplygon Cloud could help you to merge meshes and materials, and to create lower poly lod models: https://www.simplygon.com/
and you could use level streaming, see the Content Examples.

This is a little hard to see as its only 360p. But you can clearly see that cityscapes, and office style buildings especially, are two orders of magnitude better looking than their equivalent in UDK and Unity. UE4 is nailing this aspect of game design very nicely!

First of all you need to inspect your scene, breakdown what is causing the frame rate issue. I can point you out to few things that might help you to optimize it. These are some commands that are extremely useful. You need to be in play mode to get best reults from these commands.

stat UnitGraph
stat GAME
stat Unit
stat scenerendering

Hope this helps

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Are you actively using it sivan? If so is it relatively bug free? In terms of process and pipeline how much of a timer saver is it, than say combing meshes in a 3D app etc? I ask only because I’ve seen this product thrown about on several forums but there’s few details about the practicality…

What % of this uses instanced meshes Webrow? This thread was a revelation, maybe it’ll be of interest :

Wow ! Apperently " Notify by email" Doesnt notify by email !

Thanks for all your replies.
Currently I am creating some flattened UV maps ( A lot of the auto generated had overlapping faces ) in 3dsMax.
Later today i’ll re import the scene and start optimizing.

@Sgt.Wulf: Ill look into the commands.

@Sivan:Unfamilliar with it. Taking a loop.

@Franktech: Ill look into streaming level details.

report back asap.