Optimizing Render Targets - Minimap

Hi, I’m currently using a 2d render target in my game for an active mini map but it’s a ridiculous performance hog.

Are there any quick and easy ways to optimize it?

  • I tried shrinking it to a very small size which didn’t seem to help much
  • I tried changing the max draw distance
  • I tried setting it up to not render every frame but that only resulted in it constantly flickering on for only a split second.
    (I attempted to count event receive draw Hud updates and after a certain number called the draw texture.) <-definitely doesn’t work that way :slight_smile:

Is there a way to set it up so it’s not updating every frame?
Any other advice is appreciated!

Hey -

You can take the scene capture actor and turn off capture every frame and build a Blueprint which forces a recapture of the scene at a specific delta seconds timeframe, so not on Tick but on a set Timer.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, would you be willing to elaborate a little bit for me?

I tried setting up a timer delegate (looping) to call an event connected to the draw texture command for the render target, but any time I pull the “draw texture” away from “Event Receive Draw Hud” it won’t draw at all (it gives a warning about it too on run.)

Is there a way to interject a timer into something called off of Event Receive Draw Hud? Or am I approaching this the wrong way entirely?

additionally, if I approach it from the capture blueprint, is there an action for “capture now” or something like that?.. I can’t seem to find anything like this.
This way my Event Receive Draw Hud will always call the draw, and the timer will be inside the blueprint with the scene capture component.

Hey -

I am working on developing the sample for you.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks, looking forward to it

Hey -

Sorry for the delay, Here is the breakdown: We are actually going to be “cheating” by slightly (infinitesimally) moving the camera on an event which will cause it to re-render the scene.

In the components,ensure that the Capture every frame is turned off:

In the event graph of the Actor Blueprint, set this up:

In my case I am calling on Key Press through the Level Blueprint, but the call can be anything really:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum


You can also disable features you see in the render target. For example you may not need details like volumetric fog, reflections and dynamic shadows.
These features can be disabled in the scene scapture.

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