Optimizing models from photogrammetry

Hi there! We just wanted to share some news about the mobile configurator app we’re working on.
Here you can see a stress-test on the Nvidia Shield tablet; the armchair in the pics and video below has been re-built (both mesh and textures) through photogrammetry and then heavily optimized in ZBrush.

Photogrammetry 3D model (VERY HIGH RESOLUTION POLYGON)


Optimized model from photogrammetry for mobile devices


Texture created from photogrammetry


Texture created from X NORMAL - 3D Studio Max


Screenshots from UE4 Editor




Real Time test on Nvidia Shield

Great job! It looks very promising. A couple of questions:
-Why haven´t you made a retopology of the model to reduce geometry and maybe make a Level of Detail?
-It seems to me that a “Google Earth like control” should more appropriate than the “First person shooter” one. What do you think?
Again, good job.


Hi! As mentioned, that was just a quick’n’dirty stress-test both for our workflow and the Shield output. So no retopology, just polycount reduction! :wink:
As for the navigation system, we’re evaluating a couple of solutions at the moment and the way to integrate the whole thing with a UMG UI.

Nice work! The normal map doesn’t appear to come into effect though, since there seems to be no specular highlights on the fabric.
Was it hard to get your builds running on the Shield? I’m interested into making a small demo for my Android Tablet too, since I don’t have an Apple Developer Account :wink: Any Tipps on Ressources and Workflow before getting started?

You’re right, but for this first test we didn’t push the shader that much (and the original fabric is pretty complex too), we just wanted just to make a quick build.
Deploying to the Shield is pretty straightforward: just follow the official UE4 documentation for Android deployment and you’re done! :slight_smile:

Looks really good. Great results. What’d you use for the initial photogrammetry mesh?

Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been busy doing tons of other stuff in the last months…
Anyway: in this case, we got the high-poly mesh using custom photogrammetry tools compiled by our coders internally, but there are many solutions available out there (both free and commercial).