[Optimizing] Hints and Tips

Hey guys,

Currently working on my own project right now and we are now at the stage where we want to balance and optimize our game performance and FPS.
I was wondering if anyone had some experience and could help shed some more light on the subject.

I have looked over the Wiki and Docs and also found this interesting video about profiling and optimizing.

However, I still find it quite confusing and I am struggling narrowing down exactly my issue,
It seems that due to our use of stationary and movable lights we are having issues with shadows and lighting causing our major FPS drops.

If i set my shadows to 0 in the console while playing the FPS dramatically increases (30 FPS), however any setting 1 or higher, causes the FPS to drop massively (15~ FPS).

My rig is quite dated,
i5 2550k
GTX 480
8GB Ram
128gb SSD

So i’m led to believe we have made some major issues with either the amount or the quality or perhaps density of our movable/stationary lights.
I counted the amount of Stationary/Moveable lights (Most of which are blueprints) and it totals to 77.
Most of them do overlap and I know this can also be a problem as well as them all being Point lights, if anyone has any tips or personal experiences in projects with similar lighting scenarios, I’d love to hear what you learnt.


*P.S. Having trouble packaging and cooking our game for proper testing as well, RunUAT.bat error
Current answers thread link here: [Optimizing] Hints and Tips - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Any help would be greatly appreciated *

One thing you might try is checking to see if any of your objects are set to cast dynamic shadows when you don’t want them to. I had that happen where about 1000 objects I thought were entirely staticly shadowed also had dynamic shadows on them, and it was causing a major performance hit if the shadow quality was above Low.

Thank you very much for that tip, Ill be sure to go round and have a look at how many objects are dynamic currently,
I also forgot to mention we are having trouble packaging and cooking out game, the common RunUAT.bat error.

I made a post here : RunUAT.bat ERROR: [Blueprint Project] - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks again

That link just brings me back to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember having some issues cooking when I went to package one of my demos, but can’t recall how I fixed it.

God what a fail xD,
Ill update that but turns out, I fixed it anyway
Will post a list of my actions for others soon (Y)

Thank you

Oh right, the game mode thing. Yeah setting the default global game mode fixed that issue for me.