Optimizing Game?

Hey guys!

I’m wanting to know if it’s possible to build optimizations for my game specifically. For a while I was working on my own editor/engine on top of babylon.js, and thus I’m used to being in deeper code/more down to earth stuff than UE4 usually allows… It seems like UE4 handles most of everything, making a heck of a lot of stuff automated, which is really awesome. However in some cases this isn’t the best. Is it possible to control loading/adding/whatever of textures, objects, depending on their distance/other variables? Cause I want to make my game to work on laptops as low powered as possible, and such.

I noticed that in the beginning, ARK had absolutely terrible optimizations, but they have done a heck of a lot to get it faster. Is this because it wasn’t possible to do easily, and they needed to go deep within the source code to do?

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


For textures and meshes you can use LODs, which will load lower quality versions of the object depending on distance. Ark was also released with UE 4.5, which was before any of the open-world optimizations in UE4.

Alright, is there any control over the loading/creating of static meshes? :slight_smile: