Optimized polycount

Hello everyone,

I’m curious about optimized polycount for static meshes. I did research on this topic and all I found were some old posts about it and I’m thinking that today optimized polycount number raised but I can’t find something new about it.

So my question is, what is the optimized polycount for static meshes inside UE4? To be more specific, the polycount number for the main character? For environment-foliage? For props?

If anyone can help me I would appreciate that. Thanks!

The main rule of thumb is ‘as little as possible’.

For characters, I can’t tell you. But for foliage ( grass, plants etc ), bad grass would be thousands of polys, whereas good grass would < 250.

For props, the same goes. Use as little as you can get away with. It really depends on the size of the prop. This is a well made small prop ( 1400 poly ):

This could easily be 20k if just dumped straight out of Maya.

A well made building ( 1200 poly one floor ):

So 3 stories and the roof could be 7.5k. Again, something made to look good, and dumped out of a modelling package could have millions of polys.

There are various free characters on the epic store, it would be worth downloading some of them and taking a look. Not totally up to date, but very optimized I should think.

Hope that helps a little.

It did. Thank you.

And coincidentally: