Hello everyone! I am considering purchasing a license and was wondering, how optimized is the engine so far? I was playing Daylight the other day maxed out on my i7 2600k & HD 7850 2GB, and while in some places I got 60 FPS, I got horrible FPS in others, mainly outside even after turning the game down to 720p. I think that procedural generation may have been the culprit. Daylight doesn’t even look graphically demanding. I can play Battlefield 4 maxed out with no AA in 1080p and maintain a stable 60 FPS on most levels with some going as low as 50. Is it worth getting a license yet? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey KoldKam,

Don’t know if you have already seen this on our wiki page here, but just in case you haven’t, this is a list created to help with what specifications would be ideal to use when running UE4.

There is also an older forum thread here that can show you what some other users have been using the run UE4.

Hope this helps and have a great day!