Optimization Viewmode: Asset Coloration by Triangle Count

I would really like to have something just like the shader complexity view but for tri count per asset, the whole asset being colored closer to white the higher it’s tri count is.

Can’t seem to find a way to do this, seems like it would be a really good tool to diagnose a scene. It would help you see where you can trim polys with any given location/group of assets on screen. I’m trying to figure out which assets I need to optimize (and especially LOD) the most and this seems like the first place to start. LOD visualization is helpful but doesn’t really give you the information that tri count would.

If anybody does know a way to do this please tell me. To any Epic employee that might read this, it would be nice if the UI option or information to find it was more accessible. If there isn’t a way to do this, please add it. Thanks!

Just use Quad Overdraw under Optimization viewmodes. Triangle count isn’t good measure in it’s own. Optimal value is based on distance etc. Quad overdraw shows how much wasted shading small triangles produce. This is much more useful.