Optimization?, to many objects

I’m working on a game and I have a few questions.

  1. Is there any limit to how much models I can put in a map?
    How much models are too much?
  2. My game is built out of a few hundreds blocks (procedural building) and when I play the game everything becomes slow and laggy. Is there a way to fix this by optimize the game or something?

Zachery, hey there!

A couple of thoughts.

  1. If you can use Instanced static meshes, that will decrease the number of drawcalls for your meshes. To start getting a feel for your game, use the command of “stat scenerendering” (press the ~ (tilde) key first). This will show you some stats (well actually quite a few) as to where you are spending time, per frame.
  2. Be careful of dynamic shadowing, is it cool? , does it come at a cost? sure does. So be sure and take a look at that.
  3. Be very sure that you have built lighting, before becoming concerned with whether it’s laggy or not.

Hope this helps,


You can also go to this blog entry of mine, there is a blog entry there that discusses dynamic shadowing in a general sense.