optimization scene

Hey folks. I have a lot of duplicate objects on my scene, lets say its columns. So i thinkin about best way to use it engine. For start i merge it together (draw-calls). But there wath overlaping UVs. So im try to use overlap UVs for texture and non-overlap for lightmap. But now i thinkin, thats is a duplicate object, why engine need to render that seperately. I wath trying to use instanced static mesh, but all that i find is a blueprint code, and i need to use it to manual place actors one time, not on begin play. So my question is, what the best way to use many clones of object, is there instanced static mesh is a right way, and is there are any tutorial about using it in level design.

i personally use unreals merge tool to reduce draw calls. Ends up creating a new model and adding to memory, but you reduce your draw calls. Don’t know if there is a better way of doing it or not.

see this link…

Hey, kurylo3d, im using merging meshes in cluster but i talking about using instanced meshes so i dont need to render all of meshes. Maybe u dont undarstand using instanced, but its looks like i can realy optimize if i will instance like 100 meshes and not merge it

All meshes, instanced or not, still need to be rendered and shaded. There’s no way getting around that.
You need to investigate what your actual bottleneck is, CPU or GPU. If you’re getting CPU limited, then mesh merging and instancing will help.

the instancing stuff that that be done will reduce draw calls on the cpu, but it then puts the workload on the gpu that can sometimes be a problem, plus there are other limitations with that. For instance, and im not positive on this, but i dont think lightmaps are supported with that method. My preference is merging meshes to reduce drawcalls.