Optimization Questions


Could I ask a couple of questions regarding optimising use of the UE4 library functions? Any help would be great.

  1. In the NavigationFilterQuery object, how do you use the flags and what do they do?

  2. Does “Box/Capsule Overlap Actors” search all actors in the level, and is it quick to run (I’ll be calling it quite frequently and have a fairly large world)? Is there any way to minimize the set of actors it checks to a local area or predefined array of actors? I understand object types, but as the types will be spread all over the level I don’t think this will help me reduce the set. What does the “Actor Class Filter” input do, is this the same as Object Type, except using an object class as the filter?

  3. If I want to create a class that is purely for data storage and processing, but won’t exist in the game map (e.g. a library of skills and access/processing functions, what base class should I use? Should I use Object/Actor, then use with “Spawn Actor from Class” and give it some abstract transform location?

  4. Is it possible to change just a single value in a struct via blueprints? and does Break have any processing overhead, or does it just make the elements visible in the event graph (i.e. it just takes up graph real-estate, but is compiled out as a simple pointer to the variable in the structure) (sorry for asking, but I’m using a lot of structures in large frequently called loops).

Any help would be great…

Please split your question up to avoid touching on different parts of the engine in one thread.


Soz, have reposted, will wait until tomorrow to repost the navigation question as have a couple things to check first…