Optimization Problems

Hi everyone,

I recently have been making my first game, and it was going quite well, but when I tried to run it on a friend<s computer, he barely ran it at 30 FPS. SO now I realize that my computer is so powerful I never saw that optimization problem.

I don’t have that much things, and what I have is split into multiple LODs, yet the game runs pretty badly. Anyone can help me? No use in continuing to make the game if no computer except mine will be able to run it. I attached the project file (Unreal 5.0) in case someone is brave enough to help a noob like me.

What I tried:

  • Changing the terrain textures from 2K to 1080p (Nothing)
  • Outright removing the water and landscape (I do get a up in performance)
  • Changing the landscape heightmap from 8K to 4K (Nothing)
  • Even more aggressives LODs for the trees (changed nothing)

I know that the shader complexity is too high (Especially water), but I have no idea how to solve that problem. I like unreal, but learning it by myself is already pretty hard, never realized I would ned to optimize it even with that little things in it.