Optimization of physics constraints

Hi all,

I’ve just delved into Unreal Engine 4 and am beginning to work on a mobile-oriented project.

I’ve experimented with the top-down example on a device, and with a few modifications to projectile-firing speed, noted the performance hit of many projectiles on a mobile device.

Additionally, I would see projectiles flying out of the level, revealing that the full blown 3D physics were in play.

I’ve read this page:


and it’s apparent that I can constrain the physics to a 2D plane. Is this optimized in a way that increases performance (since the engine doesn’t have to worry about completely arbitrary 3D collisions)?

If not, will Paper2D yield better physics performance?

I would like the game to be top-down 2D using 3D assets and restricted camera angles to give the illusion of 2D, but may consider going the Paper2D route if performance is a significant concern.


PS: I have to say, I’m loving then engine so far, especially the intuitive interface and full source code (not to mention the C++ features that make coding so much less painful than in standard C++).


Seems no one is using Physics in UE4. Strange…