Optimization artist

Optimization artist

This is a PAID position.


We at ApeLaw are looking to bring on a talented artist to help us port ‘Albino Lullaby’: Episode 1 to console.
We are also looking to have full support for Oculus and Morpheus.

We are looking for someone with experience with modeling, texturing and lighting/ post processing effects who can not only offer suggestions and solutions to optimization problems but can execute those solutions.

Duties would include:
-Atlasing textures
-Optimizing and pairing down expensive assets.
-Combining architectural assets to reduce draw calls.
-Tweaking lighting and post process for performance.

You can learn more about albino lullaby here:

and dig even deeper with our press kit here:

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You can learn more about our founder and creative director here:

If this sounds like a fun job for you hit us up at
If you are in the Boston area you get extra special gold stars.

Loving the look and creepy feel of this title and optimization work is right up our alley!