Optimization and "Use PAK File"

I asked this same question on the Answerhub and never got a response, so I figured I’d ask it here.

I’m really trying to optimize my game and get its package size as low as possible. Currently, its over 100mb by 4~ mb (104mb total currently).

When I enable the setting “Use PAK File” in packaging settings though, I can get it down all the way to 92mb, which is great! However after various tests, every time I enable this setting, the game crashes right after the splash screen.

So I have a few questions:

Is the package size becoming smaller because its simply not including files, and this is why its crashing?

What is the intention of using a PAK file? The wiki does not go into a ton of detail about its use.

Lastly, what are some good optimization tips? Ideally, I’d like to shave off at least 5mb in my project. I’ve already used a config file to disable certain plugins (same config file used in the Tappy Chicken project), and this did help. Before my optimization attempts the package size was 114mb and I’ve gotten rid of at least 10mb.

you may save a few MB by optimising the splash screens and icons even the ones you’re not using replace the unreal ones for solid black.

Keep in mind that your IPA download size will be around 45MBs smaller for iOS 9 users due to app thinning. You can check how big the download will be for each user by uploading a build to TestFlight.

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I actually did figure this out just yesterday, and it was also the same problem why my C++ code version of the project wouldn’t compile.

Basically, in my PAK Blacklist Shipping config file, I had bCompileICU=False. This needs to be set to true, and everything magically started working again.

In terms of app optimization in size, I’ve been able to get it as slow as 95MB by not compiling the Slate Common and Font folders! Which is great. Now I’m just trying to get Admob integrated into my app using the Universal Ad Plugin (but I’m having a lot of issues still there…)