Optimistic Indie Developer

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m basically all of this haha!

Some of them are depressingly accurate. heh

Edit: pls don’t call yourself lead developer if you work in a 1 man studio. You are making this too real!!! :smiley:

haha I have 3 people working with me part time, so there are a few exceptions in there

LMAO… my favorite one… “Get unemployment cheque… funding renewed”.

Oh man, is it just me but do the faces on the other images look realllllly weird in your peripheral vision while you are reading those?

Or maybe I’ve just been at the key’s too long.

Haha, beautiful, simply beautiful =D

Agreed, sums it up. Some pictures would be spot on when added to half of “got skills” threads.

Yea, I mean if you’re a one man shop you can call yourself CEO, CTO, President, El Heje…

Actually the CEO job title would make an excellent addition to this Meme! Especially if the one man shop isn’t even a registered company. :smiley:
I’m imagining something like: “Chief Executive Officer of my bedroom… and dog” for this.
If it’s a company then the title would technically be correct I suppose. heh

Also @Lazy Games fair enough, I guess if at least one of them is a developer you can be the Lead Developer then!