Optimising for minimum spec?

I’m not really sure where to post this. I’m currently putting my project through some alpha testing to try and determine my min spec, I have a tester with an Intel 4000 and 2.8ghz intel dual core, which I would like to target as my min spec because the intel 4000 is quite a popular chip set, and intel integrated GPUs do make up a sizable chunk of the market, and I assume the majority of them would play indie games that ran well rather than AAA big budget explosion filled titles that chugged for them.

My problem is with the scalability. I sent him a build with no HDR, all of the graphical settings at 0, and whilst he gets about 30fps at resolution scale 10 I wouldn’t want it to sink to such a low level of visual quality. At a more reasonable resolution scale of 50, he gets 30fps in the menu, and 15 - 23 fps in game. This is also with Framerate Smoothing turned off. I believe he’s running it in a 1280x720 window. The build is a final “Shipping” build.

Does anybody have any tips of optimising for the minimum spec? I don’t really want to ignore such a large part of the market, but I don’t really know where to start when it comes to optimising.

I have a really hard time seeing how unreal engine 4 games are supposed to run well on mobile if this is the expected performance from an integrated gpu. Am I missing something? What can I do to properly optimise my game? The current level isn’t filled with dynamic lights, or high poly meshes. It’s a simple scene built with BSP brushes.

edit: Well with static lighting he gets about 25 fps, and I just found out static meshes are far more optimised than BSP brushes and I should have converted them. I wish this thread had become a collection of tweaks others could reference, it’s a shame any mention of min spec leads to “lol upgrade”.

Well check Tappy Chicken and Swing Ninja is build, they run twice speed of other examples (at least on my specs which are pretty lowend for UE3). Defintly you could lower the details in the game and avoid heavy processes in code/BP or lower spec hardware.

In all honesty no gamer is going to use that card for serious gaming, which is what the ue4 provides unless you want to reduce the quality to the absolve state or lower. You’re better off getting a decent Nvidia or Radeon card. Doesn’t have to be the latest, 500 or 600 series for nvidia would work for example. At least a 550 or 650.

Part of the purpose of the new engines is also to get people to upgrade because developers want the freedom to use hardware improvements like 64-bit without also having to support low end systems.

I’m not sure I’d spend the effort to try and support hardware that low, you might want to build a more reasonable low-end system to use for testing.

Well with static lighting he gets about 25 fps, which is playable enough. I’m just wondering if there’s any other tweaks. I have other systems for testing, I just want to make sure my game is actually playable for as many people as possible.

I guess I should really ask “well then why am I using UE4?”, mainly because it’s incredibly easy to develop with.

But apparently there aren’t any tweaks and everybody should just buy new hardware, so this thread can be closed.

But your game is as much important in minimum specs, compire how normal and mobile example works on PC

So i think if you aim for low spec then you need to aim like those mobile examples which actually suppose to run in worse hardware then my low end PC

time to move on !