Optical illusion? Can you see it, or i am the only one?

for me the pictures (max the view and give your eyes some seconds to rest(rightclick on pic “show picture”)) looking like “layered” Red is in front, yellow in middle and blue in the back.
I still asked some ppl over skype but it seems only visible to my weirdo eyes?
Can someone see it? ^^

Another one.

For me it depends on which colour I concentrate on :smiley:

The order keeps changing for me!:confused:

Looks all flat to me, regardless of how I focus on it.

Hmm confusing, need more input please. ^^

red ist in the back cause its shape is soft. everything else has the same layer cause its hard edged.

When that is the correct explanation for that effect, why is red in font fror me?

you’re broken :wink:


Yeah the ordering of the layers keeps changing.

Let me explain this to you:

Depth of Field is a thing that is real, this is no ghastly effect.
Let me take a quick guess, you are not wearing glasses?

The Depth of field shader teaches us that things in the back always get smoothed and blureed cause the iris of the eye is focussed on gathering information from the more important object.

So referring to working eyes everything that is soften and smoothed always would be in the back, cause the eye learned it so. Take your finger and look at it in front of this bright page.
Pretty simpel to explain for people who wear glasses since the age of 6. :3

ty but why it works for different ppl in different way then?

That’s an illusion called chromostereopsis. Different colors can cause the illusion of different depths in some specific combinations. Take a look: Chromostereopsis - Wikipedia

I believe that it depends on where you try to focus your eyes. Depends on where you prefer to look. In other words, depth of field. :slight_smile: