Opinions on No Man's Sky

What do people think about it personally?
I think its a great feat of technology but after so many hours it isnt fun anymore and just gets into a repetitive loop.

Yeah personally for me its a 7/10
i wrote a review on it

I have a lot of respect for what they were able to do with it. But it’s one of those issues where they confuse bigger=better and in this case they had to put so much work into making it big and procedural that they weren’t able to do enough to make it fun. Also, the PC version has some pretty significant bugs, I ended up getting a refund though I think I’ll probably pick it up again later once the price has gone down.
Also weird–pretty sure it doesn’t have any form of multiplayer, from what it looks like it can only share the named planets/species and that’s a far cry from a real multiplayer system. Very puzzling because they kept on confirming that it did.

I am disappointed with the false marketing for multiplayer implementations from the developers, I guess because the hype got too huge and that’s why they did nothing to stop it. Not only that, the developers even promised 60 FPS for the longest time but then it only runs at 30 FPS locked on PS4. Mind you, it is not constant 30FPS, it can drop till 14 FPS as shown on Digital Foundry youtube video. As well as your gameplay actions are very very limited due to the bad FPS performance. Well, I kinda expected it won’t run well on console but… The developers promised, right?
They shouldn’t lie twice, very disgustingly dishonest from Unity developers.

Go see Metacritic score, it was 3.0/10.0 score, by now it is 4.9score. Many users felt scammed on the way round and for other things too after buying it.
For me, I cancelled the pre-order. Glad I do so.

Anyone have views about the Atlas gameplay mentioned here?

I was like “What…?” when I heard there was hardly any multiplayer at all. You are basically alone in the universe apart from some generic unpersonalised NPCs that just… sit around?

Some monster combinations are also weird, not fitting by any means.

What they have done is ground breaking. Such a system done in 3D is a great achievement. But every procedural-spawn based game has that “Meh…” problem, and this one is no different.

It looks like a soothing game that you just farm and craft, some says. Ironicaly it’s fanbase is quite the angry folk :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately i didnt choose the atlas option I chose free roam

Watch TB’s video to learn about this game.

Then read this thread on Reddit.

There is a free game being developed by a man.

Thanks for the links @niksha!

The game is not so bad per se - mediocre but unpolished might be the word, but it was hyped way beyond and above it’s target audience. It seems that great majority of people that were tricked into buying it didn’t find it worth it’s price, to put it mildly.

I haven’t played it yet, but i have heard about it on various social media networks. I’ll look at a youtube review to give my honest opinion.

Like things weren’t already bad for indie devs… what their marketing people did will hurt ALL indie developers for a while.