Opinions on environment scale for these images?

First image is a sample of the scale that I am looking at for the environment / level. The second would be akin to the city plans for it. The question would be, how big do you think the level would need to be to accomodate an area this large + a sizeable… say, 4x as large, outer area?

Really difficult to say, because it depends on your character, the performance (how you create your meshes, materials,…) and also the overall look -> so I personally would recommend you to just test different sizes till you think that you have a good one :slight_smile:

I’m not at a computer yet to do the geometric calculations, but if you can get to it before I do you can make use of drawing some perspective lines and reference the scale of cars in the image. You could look up what the average size vehicle is in France for a better approximation.

Take the second image into any photo editing software and expand the outside until its the size you want.
Something like this:


Remember you should make it square like above.

Make a terrain in game and apply the same imagine to the terrain as base color.

For example you want the big building in the middle to be 30 meters wide. What you do is to create a box that is 30 meters wide, place it on the terrain right on top of that big building. Now does the box look the same size as the building in the texture below it? If its smaller then it means increase the terrain size and if it’s bigger than the box it means decrease the terrain size. Repeat until it’s the same size.

Nice and simple idea -Dev, I like it!

Strasbourg itself is a bit over 78km, but I really don’t think the game city should be that huge. I have my city districts all planned out, and that 2nd image seemed to fit the layout pretty well.

Medieval Fantasy MORPG, more or less. Depending on the size I end up coming out with, I’m debating on whether or not to use level streaming due to performance. It would be like doing level streaming with a 10x10x8 room; it would be better performance wise to load it all at once rather than have the engine running the calculations for streaming it. For city environments, I suspect this also holds true (there is a curve of performance with using level streaming - very bad to very necessary)

My definition of M(ultiplayer)ORPG - basically the city is a hub/lobby of sorts. People form groups/raids and then an instance is created. Kind of like how Guild Wars did.

On this topic and speaking about environments, UE staff and UE users, I read somewhere from some post that a person cannot ordinarily create realistic environments in UE unless that person is a programmer and knows about programming so he/she can edit files in UE using programming. Therefore, it is impossible for any ordinary person to create stunning realistic environments such as the examples below [skip to the end of the video and view in HD please]:

Example 1:
Example 2:
Can UE staff and users please confirm if the said person who made that comment about UE is wrong? I have seen many realistic environments videos such as the above and others, and I don’t think one needs to be a programmer to achieve those results.

Where did you see that comment?
Can you link me?

Creating photorealistic environments really comes down to your skill.

Sure, you can program something in to help out, but it surely isn’t required.

If you know how to texture and you can model then you’re pretty much good.

The only other thing you need is lighting…very good lighting.

As for your scale question…I recommend using a 128 scale.

Changing your character to match the scale of the Source Engine really helps as it’s all even, easy numbers you’re dealing with.

Here’s One for the Proportions in Source: ://www.worldofleveldesign/categories/csgo-tutorials/csgo-sdk-beginner-03-scale-dimension-proportion.php

Proportions in UE4’s ShooterGame: ://www.worldofleveldesign/categories/ue4/ue4-guide-to-scale-dimensions.php

Either way, this is a good guide to help you figure out how to evaluate scale: ://www.worldofleveldesign/categories/sourcesdk-authoringtools/hammer-source-real-world-scale-from-photo-reference.php

Just switch out the values for whatever your scale is.


Thanks for your reply regarding the realistic environment/content creation ! See the link to the thread below and view the comments in the post numbers in particular:


Read the said individual’s posted comments in post #129 and post #136.

At the end of the day, from the great things that I have seen UE do, I think that the said person that posted those comments was shortsighted and rather lost/confused if you asked me.

ps - I am sure the OP is happy for your scale reply too!

Thanks for the link.

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