Opinions on best/easiest BaaS solution for 4.22 for a online ARPG?

Hi guys,

We are making a online ARPG in the likes of diablo/path of exile etc…

We wanted to do it with UE’s core networking, but we are now thinking of using a BaaS solution to make things a bit easier.

What we need:

  • Login with Steam Playstation Network or Xbox account
  • Instances of maps on a dedicated server
  • some sort of Database where we can store our character/account info and inventory info etc…
  • Item database so the server generates loot
  • Some feature to create a chat system

What is the easiest to implement BaaS solution with lots of documentation/tutorials around in you guys opinions?

  • I looked at GameSparks which seemed to have a lot of documentation, but latest support UE is 4.18 :frowning:
  • I looked at PlayFab which doesn’t have any documentation or tutorials and makes it impossible to implement, i got stuck on doign login stuff already :frowning:
  • Photon seems to have less features that we need.

What other alternatives are there that have good documentation and support 4.22?

Thanks in advance guys!

Kind regards,

Stefan from Rebel Camp Games

Decided to try out AWS GameLift for dedicated server hosting, and the MySQL database plugin from Marketplace to do login system and saving/loading of characters and making item tables to generate loot server side.

Do you guys think this is a valid way of doing things? Any concerns?

What’s the best way to create a chat system? Photon?

Hi Stefan,
How is your team doing with the tools you mentioned above? I’m also starting my journey on creating a diablo-style arpg and I want to make sure I plan ahead for multiplayer.

PS - I also saw your toolkit on another thread; great stuff! I haven’t purchased it yet, though, as I’m trying to learn UE4 from the ground up.

I am still using Gamesparks, you can actually update the plugin when switching Engine versions (at least in later versions, if you have Visual Studio 2017, possibly higher installed), or there are usually people posting builds on the dedicated market place page comments sections, or a link is posted in the official support forums.

However, EPIC announced that their online system will offer storage and I think also networking, but when these functionalities are released to the public is still unknown to me.

Hi CaptainSavage!

We cancelled our project because multiplayer was too much of a roadblock. Then we restarted the project and redesigned it to be singleplayer only. IMO doing multiplayer as a indie team is a huge roadblock and is the reason why many teams fail their project sadly enough :frowning: