Opinions for a L4D movie?

So for a while I seen fan made images of a Left 4 Dead movie. And I just seen another a few days ago. What do you guys think? Would L4D be a good movie? Would it ruin the series? What actors do you think they should have for the characters parts?

L4D was the only reason why I purchased a XBOX. Would love a real L4D movie, but hope they develop L4D 3 first.

I’ve only played it a few times myself, though didn’t remember there being much of a plot. Would there be sufficient story for a movie?

Valve did mention during an interview a few years back that L4D 3 will happen but they want everything to be a surprise and don’t want to announce anything until outs about done.

There wasn’t really a plot to it. It was just like a start the game and survive to the final chapter and escape the area. But I’m sure there could be a plot made and if the right levels are connected it could be good I think.