[OPINION REQUEST] mysql to data struct/table

Hi everyone, first I would to mention that I like data table and very comfortable in using it.

Now, coming from php/mysql webapp developer, I was wondering if there’s away/method or is it even possible(has any indie/studio done/practicing it) to fill the data table based on data fetch from mysql stored in cloud. I’d imagine it would be JSON extensive, but I still would like to hear it from other indie/studio.

The reason for this, with that kind of ability, making tweaking to the gameplay would be quite a breeze without patch installation - in terms of tweaking the gameplay’s, well I guess in behavior - enemy AI (e.g hp/mp basic stats) or even weapon or skills.

The process would be user just need to be online and update those table data using the updated value in mysql without downloading bunch of patch file - which is also available but optional.

Thank you for your intention on this thread in advance.

There is a plugin for it already, do a search for json plugin you can submit or take information in json from a webserver.

Hi Ghiest

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I know about the json plugin available, however I would like to know if there’s any indie/studio using the method/practicing it - based on the method that I was thinking of.

Does it worth it or perhaps just stick to patch file downloadable.

Someone on here recently told me there is no way to add/remove/edit rows in the data table in BP during runtime? I need to check this out tonight. Besides that yes absolutely.