Opinion On Model (Beginner Modeller)

Hi, I’d like some opinions on a model of a sci-fi space fighter I made recently. It took me probably less than an hour, but I’m going to add details and such later.

For now I’d like to know if this is an ok model for the amount of tris and faces it has.

I’m a super-beginner at modelling and only know a few basic things in blender. ( So please be nice :smiley: )

Tris: 358 Faces: 179 Verts: 474

(I would make the images smaller but i dont know how… can someone please tell me how?)


I know the back side engine area looks kinda ‘meh’ right now but im gonna fix that up in a bit.


It’s too early to look for critique on a model that you haven’t gotten very far with.

it looks like a pretty good start so far especially for a beginner, keep at it and I’m sure it will look awesome when your done:)

I made them smaller for you, using the [SHOT] tag instead of [IMG] is the best way because then if someone wants to see a larger view they can just click on it.

hope that helps:)