Opie:The Defender

Hi there!

Since i am working on our steam page rightnow, i think its good to let people know about our game on the forum too.

We are working on a third person action/adventure and tower defense mix. We finished main gameplay for singleplayer mode and developing multiplayer and co-op game modes.

Players try to conquer deserted islands of an old kingdom called Old Kingdom (very creative right?!). At first we want players to collect resources to build their headquarters so they can start to explore the island and search for treasures that are hidden. While searching for treasures players will find out more about Old Kingdom in its ruins and dungeons. As almost every game that have dungeons we also got creatures to kill, puzzles to solve and treasures to loot. Meantime viking raiders have the same goal! They want to conquer this island and they will fight hard for it. Thats where the tower defense gameplay begins. Vikings come as waves and players need to defend their headquarters by defense towers and mercenaries. They can upgrade their headquarters and research more powerfull towers and weapons as well as upgrading what they already have.

We use lots of marketplace content, i mean almost everything. As many of you guess we decided to use dynamic combat system as our combat mechanics. So combat in the game is not that easy.

I encourage you to check out our incomplete steam page and tell us what you think! Thank you.…_The_Defender/