Operation: Trident

Project Title:
Operation: Trident (Op:T)

Our team is creating a submarine simulation that takes place during the era of the Cold War from 1948 and 1982. It will include the major powers from the start (US & Russia) and possibly others down the road. We are still in very early development! Best time to get in on the action!

Co-Op “Battle Stations” multiplayer (multi-unit Co-Op and PVP too)
Alternate History, single player Dynamic Campaign
Character-Crew-Platform – RPG elements and customization
High degree of realism, scalable to the user’s preference
Most major submarine platforms from each country

Team Structure:
Currently two co-founders and a small team:
Nsomnia - Founder & Jack of All Trades
Big Willy (aka “The Sloth Master”) - C++ / Project & Team Management
SolarForge – Characters, Animation, 3D Props
Taigi100 – AAA Ocean, HLSL Shaders, Coding/Scripting
AngelDFallenOne – Concept Art & Design
*Blackout *– Props, Models, Environmental
*FilipeT *– Coding / Scripting / Blueprinting

We are utilizing Hansoft for project management, Slack for team communications, Skype for weekly meetings and a Perforce dedicated server for version control.

Talent Required:
◦ 3D Artists
◦ C++ / Blueprinters
◦ Graphic Artists / Illustrators

Additional Requirements: Mature, capable people that can dedicate at least part-time hours to the project.

Our Website:
On IndieDB:

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Visit and select “Join the Team / Contact Us” from the main menu!

Picked up one new team member… still have spots on the team!

I find this title interesting. I have dropped you an email.

Welcome to the team Univise!

Still in desperate need of 3D artists and graphic artists / illustrators!

Looking for blueprinters and coders looking to develop an entire simulator architecture as well as particle/material experts. Mixed skills welcome, artists too. skype: or the details in the OP.